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“AB EXTRA” in Latin means "from outside" and “C” stands for company. Thus AbExtraC is “the outsourcing company.” Your company has "A" and "B" and we will be your "Extra C".

Custom Software Development
Website Design and Development
Mobile Applications
Business Development Services
Customer Support
Call Centers
Custom Software DevelopmentAbExtraC meets growing demand for cutting edge custom applications and software that allow businesses to automate processes and gain competitive advantage




AbExtraC provides outsourcing services that reduce operational costs and provide higher return on investment while achieving high quality results due to the extensive expertise of AbExtraC professionals in the field.

The wide range of services AbExtraC provides include:

 Business VoIP Phone System Solutions:

 Business VoIP Phone System Implemetation

 Business VoIP Phone System Support

 Software Development and Testing:

 Custom Software Development

 Software QA Testing

 Website Design and Development

 Mobile Application Development

 Business Development and Support:

 Customer Support


 Call Centers

Why outsource to AbExtraC and not hire an additional full-time or part-time employee?

Full-time and even part-time employees qualify for a number of benefits such as retirement benefits that significantly increase the cost of services to you as an employer. In contrast, AbExtraC absorbs all the costs associated with hiring a skilled professional and passes those significant savings to you. No more payroll and unemployment taxes, vacation pay, recruiting, hiring or managing costs.

Why outsource to AbExtraC and not hire a single person independent contractor?

With a single person independent contractor you receive one resource that performs the services you require and handles project management tasks such as scheduling, client communications and ensuring project deadlines are met. This makes a single person independent contrator a single point of failure. In contrast, with AbExtraC you get an experienced project coordinator and one or more professionals focusing on your needed service, making it two or more critical resources for the price of one. AbExtraC project coordinator will be your single point of contact to ensure that the project maintains structure on an ongoing basis and that your project requirements and deadlines are adhered to. AbExtraC project manager oversees the project from start to finish ensuring that the project activities and milestones are planned and accounted for.

Why outsource to AbExtraC and not to a foreign competitor?

AbExtraC is a US based company so all of our agreements are done according to US law. Depending on the size of a project and customer requirements project coordinator may meet with the customer face to face.

Finally, AbExtraC guarantees the best rates for the high quality professional services and to save you from incurring any travel expenses our qualified and experienced professionals perform work remotely and do not require physical presence onsite.

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